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oishiionigiri's Journal

Oishii Onigiri
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Howdy ho! Welcome to the journal of a fangirl that will contain lots of babbling, rantings and food =3

I am more of a Art person (crappy and weird) so maybe you will find doodles (mostly likely MSPaint or oekaki) by me here (and be blinded by my ugly drawings)

And sorry to say, I am not into Yaoi at all.
∑(ō∆ō" Dont' run away! But I don't mind having friends who are obsessed with them.

There are too much things to stuff here, go here for the rest.
For those whom I do not know and wish to be friends can also comment there.

Why Oishii Onigiri (aka delicious riceball)? Cause I like names from food.They are wonderful.
Oh and did I mention that I love food? In conclusion,I create this LJ for fun xD

See you around then \(^_^)
P.S I will also appreciate if you try not to eat me

Anime & Manga
My current top 5 animes & mangas in no order are:

Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Shaman King,Yu Yu Hakusho and I don't know xD [insert a random one here] For some of the anime/manga I watched, go here. You can grab the list for yourself too.

Current obsession: Prince of Tennis

I have a great lot of favourite characters and a few from each series but for PoT, I have got hell lots to list and some may change over time. Clickie above menu for them. (Beware long list)That does not mean I don't like others anymore hehe =3


@ Bleach Rating Community

@ Shaman Rating Community

Freaky~ 0_0

LJ Family

I am faded_dorothy's fridge keeper of Inui juice :9


☆☆ Prince of Tennis Marui Bunta ☆☆

☆☆ BLEACH Grimmjow Jaggerjack ☆☆


Chochajin - For the wonderful PoT Moodtheme
Photobucket - For hosting my images
Everything LJ - For awesome tutorials and layout template (Even though I didn't join xD)
Lissa Explains it All - For help on Html

Notify me if I miss out any or credit wrongly (esp. icons)

My archive page (Calender) also screwed up , any help will be appreciated.
Thanks for viewing ^_^